Grow Yourself Healthy

Powerful people are deliberately trying to kill you. The murder weapon is “reverse poisoning” that makes you weak, tired, fat and unable to fight back. | Taught by Kyle Harrell

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Grow Yourself Healthy

If you’re tired, fat, depressed and unhealthy, it’s not your fault! It’s in the food! Vermiculture is something that you can do on your own to be sure that your produce is grown 100% free of hormones, pesticides and other harmful chemicals found in your everyday foods. Everything grown in worm beds grows faster, bigger and is packed with more nutrients than traditional soil. Learning how to grow your own food using this technique will not only ensure that you’re eating 100% organic food, but you’ll also be feeling better, losing weight and feeling better about yourself.

In this course, you'll learn how how to produce your own top grade, all natural soil to grow your own organic produce. Don't rely on food giants like Monsanto that use harmful chemicals and hormones in their produce. Grow your very own produce and grow yourself healthy!

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Kyle Harrell
Kyle Harrell
Vermiculture Expert

Kyle started raising red worms about 6 years ago to save money on fertilizer, pesticides, and potting soil, and to reduce waste. What started out as an experiment has benefitted his plants, soil, and family.

Kyle enjoys raising worms and turning food scraps into nutrient-dense castings (worm manure) to enhance soil and make compost tea for gardens, plants, lawns, and pasture.

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